Buck Bomb?

Anyone have a recommendation for some good buck lures? I'm going to try Buck Bomb this year for a Nov. Georgia hunt, but I've also heard that "Buck In A Bag" is awesome too....Has anyone here used either?

I prefer Code Blue.

Yeah....Tinks works ok for me....I've heard great things about Buck Bomb from some buddies that used it.

But I've heard AMAZING things about "Buck In A Bag" & was wondering if you guys have used it as well.

Thanks for the advice boys & happy hunting!

I freeze Skippy's used tampoons and use them.

Hot Musk works wonders.

As far as tampons go....I use them for scent wicks. Much cheaper than buying the actual ones.

OK guys...so I went hunting in Georgia 2 weeks ago & used Buck Bomb for the 1st time....nothing great at all.

One of the guys was using "Buck In a Bag" & got a nice 10 point...I dont know if that was the reason he got it, but Buck Bomb didn't do much for me. 

saw a local michigan hunting show about 15 years ago. host was testing those urine bombs.

1 spot he used a buck bomb.

2nd spot he used his urine.

on video, bucks sniffed both spots long enough to get shot.