Bucks County Woman Kills Cobra on Patio

Weird situation. Dangerous situation having it run loose, but killing a cobra just seems gay. Best would be to contain it in an area if possible and call animal control.

Cobras are bad ass.  But if one found its way near me or my family id run away and hide.

Oh my god. Some of you pussies are mad because a lady killed a pea brained poisonous snake in her backyard? Because it is a "cool" snake? 

HoneyGlazedJinx -

Cobras are bad ass. She didn't have to kill it. Fucking yokels always think you have to kill everything dangerous. Catch and release you stupid shit.

You expect this old lady to catch and release a fucking cobra?   This snake was slithering around an apartment complex.   Had she ran and called someone to come remove the snake,  it would be long gone by the time they got there and then could resurface and bite someone later.   There is probably not much cobra antivenom up in Bucks county, so the old lady did a dang good job and you are retarded.

If somebody in Maine shoots a gator, I am not going to hold it against them. 

The Philly Cobra lady gets a pass too. 

I have 9mm snake shot ready for such a situation....