Buck's fight?

Chris or NG people: Can you give a good description of
Buck's fight in Brazil? Sorry if it was already here
and I missed it.

Just a rough night with no idea about his opponent. It was a ruff comeback fight for Buck but I will put money he takes it out on his opponent Saturday on Guam.

Should he be fighting so soon if he got KO'd?

His eyes were open

And, YES, he should fight right afterward :)

Buck's fight was great as well as Adam's. It's always great to have Chris and his camp come to Guam and show us a thing or two. Hope to see them open a gym here. I'm sure he will agree that we need a legitimate gym here with proper represention. Glad to see you guys again and hope you come back soon.

The Guahan Warriors Jiu-jitsu Club in Tamuning is associated with Chris.

I thought Guahan Warriors are Relson's people. What does "associated with" mean. Does Chris Brennan offer instructions there when on island or do the Guahan Warriors offer a place for his camp to train for events on island or just friends of the gym?


So if one were to seek instruction from the famous Westside Strangler on Guam, does he/she need to be a member of that gym or do you have clinics for all enthusiasts interested on designated neutral grounds?

When I am there anyone can come. When I am not that is up to Luis.

I will be back in August

The Guahan Warriors Gym is a great place to train in a friendly, no ego environment. I would say the Guahan Warriors Gym is very "neutral" because we have people from other gyms in our place all the time. As a matter of fact, The Carlson Gracie Jr. guys are using our gym to train until their place is ready for business. Yes, the Guahan gym is our home, but it is open to all.

There is no animosity towards any other gyms here on the island by any of our jiu-jitsu players and that is the honest to God truth. Of course, there will always be a friendly competitive rivalry amongst the different gyms on Guam, but that breeds better grapplers.

To answer your question regarding Chris's seminars, No you don't need to be a member of the Guahan gym to attend. We are very very greatful when peeps from other gyms come to his seminars because it promotes comraderie among Guam's mixed martial artists and puts a little dough in Chris's wallet.

I hear you both and like what I hear. I will definitely entertain the idea soon. I agree that there is a nice comraderie among the current players on island and still have a welcomed competitive rivalry. It's nice to have such outside influence stepping in and hopefully it will create some truely competive fighters on the international level.