BUCS either drafting...

BUCS are on the clock and will either get Justice Holmes or Jackson man either way ima be a very happy bucs fan.. My preference would be holmes but our oline needs work

David Joseph WTF I didnt see that coming at all.. today has been strange

you sir have just blocked the correct.

man the bucs dropped the ball imo.. should've have taken holmes or justice

Hey, I'm also a Bucs fan, and I knew there was no way they would take Holmes, Justice, and Jackson. In fact, I knew they would draft a CB because they need some youth at that position. This draft has been strange, but this pick wasn't.

He is a guard .

This pick was whack even if Justice had some charater issues why would we pass him up to draft a guy who was projected to go in the 3rd round.. We better redeem ourselves from here on out

Im very happy with the bucs 3rd pick Maurice Stovall he will be a great redzone wr and a good no3 Wr

bucs made another good pick with their first on the second day Zemantis from penn state maybe this draft wont be so bad after all

we'll just have to see now wont we.. wont be a starter for a while i dont think anyways

yea I think thats the plan for stovall to take over for hilliard after this season

yep thats forsure just like he did at ND.. I hope Andre hall helps the BUCS out on special teams we need it