Bud Cup HELP! Who is this?

http://onthemat.com/Images/bud/bud04/bud04-Images/11.jpgTo the gentleman with his arm raised (or whoever knows him)What's your name? I'm putting the finishing touches on the official Bud Cup video and 3 (three!!!) of your matches are featured! You looked really good, but I don't know your name! Anyone who can help get this talented fighter recognition please let me know so I can finish this video!Also, I can't find it anywhere in my notes, but the participants in the no gi purple belt super fight were ????Thanks for the help!




The guy with his hand raised is Dennis Hayes, he trains out of Roanoke VA he fought in my event Grapplemania last weekend.

I do not know but the ref looks drunk!

His name is Damon Bradley

Thats Eminem on the right!

Rickson by armbar rd 1

Gumby, do you have any pics from the Bud Cup on onthemat?


lol @ the ref

laughs I love how fighters can be creative!

Inigo Montoya

Cool....I finished the video yesterday; actually might do a video and/or
a DVD-R on this, not sure. Match listing looks like:

Introduction (Opening ceremony, plus 13 year old sensation and Chris
Moriarty Gi Highlights)
Dennis Hayes vs ????
Pedrinho vs Junior Assuncao
Raphael Assuncao vs Marcelo (Gracie Barra)
Pedrinho vs Diego Saraiva
Raphael Assuncao vs Dennis Hayes
Diego Saraiva vs Dennis Hayes
Pedrinho vs Raphael Assuncao
Marcel Ferraira vs Chris Moriarty
Ryan Ellison vs Anthony Wayne Huss
Marcel Ferraira vs Brett Thompson
Jeff Monson vs ????
Lamont Tyler vs Jeff Monson
Franks vs Z
More Submission Tournament Highlights
Diego Saraiva vs Nestor Bayot