Bud Cup results, pics

Budweiser Jiu Jitsu World Cup

The Budweiser Jiu Jitsu World Cup, a 2-day Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and no-gi submission grappling event held near Charlotte, North Carolina went down this weekend.
Jeff Monson, Roy Nelson, Rick Macauley, Chris Moriarty, Raphael Lovato, Jr, Daniel Valverde, and several other big names filled the pro no-gi divisions, while lots of up-and-comers put on exciting matches in the advanced divisions on Sunday and the BJJ divisions on Saturday, includng Mike Fowler, Andrew Smith, Klint Radwani, Noah Booth and more. Read our full write-up here.


that orange gi is sick.

Nice job!!

Great write up bro and well done on the victory.

I think the orange gi rocks! Very original!

Great review! but could you correct the results for Masters, Purple Belt, Heavy. I took 1st and Andrew was 2nd.

           Phil Hurst

I thought only white and blue gi's were alowed in Gi comp?? or is that just CBJJ?

Judogoat,Igor's last name is Alveida-if I'm not mistaken. By the way you did a real stand up job at the Bud Cup not only competing but refing as well

Purple Featherweight the guy who got 2nd place was Rusty Haun not Rudy Henn. Were was the beginner and white belt stats?

Also I think whatever gi you want to wear is fine. I heard in Brazil they are superstitous (sp?) and that is why they dont let you were black but that was along time ago it might have changed. There was another guy there with a brown gi. And I think someone did have a black gi. But I think in the states whatever color you want is fine.

Awesome, thanks for the info.  I made a few corrections (most of em made based on my chicken-scratch notes).

I had a great time reffing and competing.  Got to roll with some great guys, and to see some incredible matches.



i liked the write up except for one thing... the comment about Monson's first opponent, who happens to be me... first off, it wasnt quick work, it was right at five minutes... secondly, after i tapped, i sat up and hit my head on the judge's table... third, that was my VERY first pro fight... i shit you not, ive been training for less than three years, and for me to hop in there with abu dhabi champion and even make it five minutes says a whole hell of a lot... by the way, the name is Josh Langley, in case you decide to change it...

What's the maintenance guy from my hotel doing there?


Josh you did good.


yeah, made one stupid mistake and it cost me... but i accomplished what i set out to do in the sense that i didnt let Monson pin me down and get to his north/south position...


The Jiu Jitsu World is Sponsored by Budweiser.

Childrens Divisons ran ealrly in the AM and SUNDROP a soda Company sponsored the Childrens DIVISONS, if you remember, or you were not there, Sundrop gave the most tech. Award in the Childrens divison, the medals for children have nothing related to Budweiser on them WHAT SO EVER, AND IT IS NOT CONNECTED TO OTHERWISE. When Women and Children were done we did a rules meeting, again if you were there, and after the children and womens divisions we completely over we started the Jiu JItsu World Cup by Budweiser.

Thanks but nobody is lieing here.

you better keep your eyes open for Daniel Valverde