buddy's pics from iraq

my buddy in iraq sent me a few pics, so i'm posting them here. he'll be sending more, and i'll just post the new ones on this thread. and if anyone wants to bitch about opsec, just remember: he doesn't fucking care, and he's there.

unlike the grunts, his team is set up in what was an old casino. here's a pic of the lobby:

here's an external shot:

here's where they park the cars (humvees, actually).

Where's the pool?

here we have a view from his humble abode. that body of water is the euphrates.

shit, when I was there, there wasn't nothing like that, we lived in tents and barely had phones and internet

my other buddy and i (we're all friends since we were kids) sent a care package. included were little mini bottles of liquor, some jehovah's witness literature, such austere porn DVDs as 'pissing grannies', 'preggo fuckers', and 'robust lust', and some snacks. i hope cormac likes it.

My mate sends me pics of cool vehicles and tanks you get nature ground pics...you should have a word. Kidding nice pics thanks.

today's latest:

" Well, here's a picture of the team (minus a few guys who have yet to arrive). I wanted to get some pictures of what was left of the Golden Mosque and Spiral Minaret a few days ago, but didn't want to take my hand off the machinegun. We continue to be busy, although its been a whole 48 hours since somebody last tried to kill me, so I guess the week is slowing down. Its starting to cool down here already, so its not too miserable outside during the day. Hope everyone is doing well."

my buddy is the one in the very middle.


Jebus they must be hot.

Cool pics but looks like the ass end of the universe

you should see my pics of somalia...it makes that place look like vegas........

How embarrassing that must be. They all showed up wearing the same outfit.

Seriously, tell him thanks from Downtown!

"How embarrassing that must be. They all showed up wearing the same outfit."

in afghanistan he got to wear a badass fur vest and one of those pesh murga caps when he wasn't kicking in doors. of course, he froze his ass off in a tent in the mountains, so i guess it all evens out.

ttt for fin to delete.

I dont get it. Why was this deleted?


One reason why it might be deleted is because of security reason. Military wise. These are public message boards and can compromise missions etc loaction etc... u get the point

no, those red x's are there because i accidentally deleted the linked pics at villagephotos.