Budo: The Art of Killing??

anyone ever seen this movie?? i saw it on showtime a few nights ago....it's from the late 70s and chronicles the spread of martial arts from japan...it covers karate, judo, kendo and hapkido....it was actually a decent watch....especially seeing the karate guy break a board with his fingertips and karate chop the necks of beer bottles (mr. myagi style)....anyone else see this??


Yeah, Netflix has it - another one you may enjoy:

"Fighting Black Kings" - knockdown karate doc - good stuff.

Those boards are baked, ice is salted, and that my friend, is how they break boards so easily.

bcolflesh: I've actually seen "Fighting Black Kings"....i liked it much better....it seems that those full contact matches could be pretty brutal...i remember seeing more than one guy in that film get ko'd


Yeah Showtime's been showing that and Flying Guillotine (lol) a ton lately. I wish they or especially HBO would start showing Smashing Machine in rotation...

the art of killing has a great judo portion though...i watched it just for that.