Budokwai in London

Passed through London last weekend en route home from Thailand for the holiday and got a chance to train at the historic Budokwai, the oldest martial arts dojo in Europe.

Thanks to everyone who trained last Saturday for a great training session. Got to get nicely thrown around by some very good players, Olympic medalist Ray Stevens ran the class, had some very good tips on my seoi from Larry who is still going strong in his 70s and had the honour of doing randori with the great world and Olympic champion Kenzo Nakamura (who is there for a year).

If you ever go to London, bring your gi for an unforgetable training experience. - Koga!

Looks like you had a good time. Thanks for sharing this with us!

Is there a BJJ class running there still?

Not sure about the bjj class, it is in the program but not the timetable. I have been getting crushed back at Minoru as usual - one of the perils of training in SE Asia is being a "heavyweight" at 81kg has given me a big guy style of judo that does not fly in the West, although I have been!

BJJ is Tuesday, Thursday, Friday at 19:30. It's where I train.

Felipe Souza tues and thurs, Felipe and Roger Gracie on Fridays.