Budovideos = life saver

I closed my school for the weekend, because of New Year's and because many of my students were sick. I figured I'd disinfect the school, give everyone time to get healthy, and then get back to training.

Yesterday (Tuesday, January 2nd) I walked into my school and found BIG, MUDDY FOOTPRINTS all over my mats. They cover almost HALF of them!

We share the space with another business (fencing school), and of course the owners deny that anything could have happened while they were there over the weekend, but one way or another, my mats are NASTY!

I tried cleaning them with the supplies at the school, but the dirt and mud is really ground in there. I needed something STRONG.

So as soon as I got back yesterday afternoon, I went online to order some super-industrial mat cleaner. After searching a few sites, I found that budovideos could send a gallon of Zebra's mat cleaner via overnight shipping. I had missed the deadline for same-day shipping by about an hour (because of class, and the timezone difference)....

....BUT I got a tracking number last night, and it arrived today!

So even though I am in Connecticut and they are in California, and even though I placed my order "too late" in the day, I received my cleaner LESS THAN 24 HOURS after placing it! WOW!!!!

Budovideos, if you're reading this--I owe you one.

~Chris Wright-Martell

Owner / Head Instructor, Modern Self-Defense Center


PS - I am sending the bill to the fencers. ;)

No surprise Chris, the guys at Budovideos are top notch.

I've gotten a lot of things from them and Dave has always been great.

hides muddy savate shoes in gym bag

I'm shocked, SHOCKED that someone would muddy your mats! The neurve! The dishoneur!!

Dojo storm the fencing school.

Pretend your the Highlander and start swinging a samuri sword. Scream
"There can be only one!" as you chase them around...LOL

pee in their fencing helmets

Budovideos rock!

Agreed, man these guys are on the ball! I have to say that I have encountered very courteous and speedy customer service from them.