Budweiser World Cup of Jiujitsu

There will be a new tournament in Jan. 10 in Charlotte, NC sponsored by Budweiser. This will be a successor to the Dale Earnhardt jr. tourney held in January. It will have a pro division and many others as well. I'll post updates as I get the info.


is this true?? or is it a hoax??? if you are being honest will it have teen divisions and such, my father works for Anheiser Busch it would be awesome if i could get sent down there by the distributor my dad works for to rep them lol

oh wait nevermind i just realized by then i will be an adult... oh well if there are multiple skill levels i will see if i can get there lol


Please get in touch with me. I would like to compate in the Pro. Division, The Purple Belt Gi division, as well as help out with the event anyway I can (Ref, score keeper, ect.)!

If you need some info about me, just let me know where I can sedn you my 'grappling resume'!

Dustin Ware / rdware@cloh.net

Will there be a teens division if so will there be any big guys there im 16 6'3 205

Alex Mercer,

I train with a Blue Belt that is 17 years old. He is 6' & 195. Although, has always compeated in the adult divisions. That said, he has done very well. See for your self:


(He is toward the bottom of the page named "SPROUT")

You are big & strong enough that you should try the same. What have to got to lose?

Dustin Ware

Make sure the rules are clear and the refs know the scoring. The last one ran really late and the refs didn't know chit! One guy reffing my teammate's fight didn't know what a sweep was!!!

Also they called the divisions and then had the competitors wait for 2 hours. I warmed up for TWO HOURS!!!!!


I havent been able to go to a tournament yet but are there usually alot of teens?

I know the event is definitely going to run in January. There are also plans to promote a second event in July. Tapsalot, do you train under Joe? If not, I can call him tomorrow and get a few more of the particulars on the ages and weight divisions.

Guyzeen, I competed at the Dale Jr. and I understand your concern. I have a lot of experience with wrestling tourneys, and I've spoken to Joe about running the tourney in this kind of format. As far as the refs are concerned, I think Joe is going to bring in better, more qualified refs this time. I believe this event will be run much smoother.



free beer and budweiser girls?


My last name is Chapman! Are you from NC? I live in Northern VA but born and raised in SC!

Hopefully the ref issue will be resolved. There's nothing worse than a dumb ref!


Yeah, I'm from NC. Born and raised. I still live in the foothills area. I agree about the refs. Dealt with the same thing when I wrestled. It's very frustrating.

Guys, I'm going to see Joe today, so I'll get the information everyone needs and post it.


Here is the information on the upcoming Budweiser World Cup of Jui-jitsu.

The even is to take place on Saturday, January 10th, in Charlotte, NC. The exact location for the tournament has not been decided upon. The entry fee for the tournament is $50.00, and each additional division is $10.00. Pre-registration for the event ends on December 13th.

As many of you may already know, Budweiser already sponsors the World Cup of Soccer. This is a venture by the company to support the sport of BJJ. There will be divisions for Kids, Teens, Women, Adult Men, and Masters Men (over 30). This event will also have divisions for Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced No-gi competition for Teens, Women, Adult Men, and Masters Men.

The Kids division will be divided by age and weight, while the Teen division will be divided by age, weight, and experience level. The Womens, Adult Men, and Masters Men will be divided by weight and belt rank. The Womens, Adult Men, and Masters Men absolute division winners will recieve cash prizes. There will also be cash prizes in the Advanced No-gi division.

Medals in the Kids and Teen divisions will be furnished by the event co-sponsor, Sun-Drop. The medals for the Womens, Adult Mens, and Master Mens divisions will be furnished by Budweiser. All medals will be supplied by Casca-Grossa.

That is all the tournament information I have at this time. Check the next issue of Grappling Magaziine for the event website. The website will have full details on the event. I will also post the website on this thread for those of you who may not be able to get Grappling Magazine in your area.

This should be an awesome event, and I hope that everyone gets the opportunity to come out and compete!





will there be beer? can i finish my division and grab a beer?