Buentello vs. Kimbo WHY?

I don't see the point for a guy like Buentello to fight Kimbo...he's fought some of the best in the world and he's KO'd some big names in MMA...

The legend of Kimbo has already been tainted with his loss to Gannon, and Paul has many more big KO's than Gannon does. After Paul puts him out, everyone will just talk about how Kimbo isn't that good anyway.

Don't get me wrong, Kimbo is a tough guy who scares the shit out of me, but a fight with Buentello would look terrible.

Why does this make sense for either guy? A win won't help Paul's MMA career and a loss won't help Ice sell porn. I don't get it.

Whats so wrong with getting a pay day? Besides I look forward to seeing Paul KO this guy! :)

I love how you point out that Kenny wasn't the legit number one contender, but how do you justify that Sherk should have been given the title fight in a division he had NEVER fought in.

And as far as Dan vs. Spencer, it's been talked before. 3 guys turned the fight down, Dan stepped up and took it.

"Whats so wrong with getting a pay day? Besides I look forward to seeing Paul KO this guy! :)"

I understand, but the way Kimbo's people do it is a big bet on the fight...even with a win, Paul would have to either put up his own 10k to make 10k or get someone to put up his share....either way, are you telling me he's not making more than 10k/fight in legit MMA?

Seems like he can make more $ keeping it legit. His name isn't going to get bigger by beating Kimbo. Nobody outside of the MA area knew about Gannon before the fight with Kimbo, and he made a name for himself off the fight...Paul is already a very respected HWT.

OK cretard....so Sherk deserves the shot, but not Kenny? There is no lightweight with a resume like Sherk's...so you suggest the UFC just give him the belt?

If not Kenny, who? Someone had to fight Sherk for the title. I did a thread about this right before the fight...with 155 just coming back, Kenny was the guy that made sense. As I said, if Kenny didn't deserve it, who should Sherk have fought?

Paul would not do the 10k + 10k street boxing thing. The fight might have special rules but it would have to be a sanctioned legal event so his lisence would not be in jepordy. The right promoter could offer the fighters more money and stand to add a big attraction to any card.

ttt 4 pauls payday

Whats so wrong with getting a pay day? Besides I look forward to seeing Paul KO this guy!

Why don't you step up and fight Kimbo, Clownshoe?

oh shit...I forgot...you're one of the BIG internet fans that doesn't take reality into account when you post...the fact that certain guys are under contract elsewhere doesn't matter and even though the UFC has a very exciting lightweight division with the guys they have under contract means nothing, and the UFC should obviously waste a ton of money on guys so some random cretard will think their title is legit.

The UFC is much better at what they do than pride is. People buy UFC because they are interested in the fights they have...Pride has these so called blockbusters that MMA fans drool over, yet their company is shit and their losing they're shirts. Apparrently not enough MMA fans are drooling over their match ups, huh?

And the fact that you think a win over Kimbo helps Buentello in any way is just plain crazy. It'd be fun for Paul, but Kimbo is far from a legend. He's a legend on the UG and that's about it, and 90% of the people who watch his fights on the UG know that he'd get wrecked by a good MMA striker, yet we still watch his street fights because it's entertaining. I'm one of the guys that watches everything Kimbo does, because it's entertaining, and I find it hard to believe that I'm the only smart person who watches these that realizes Kimbo is knocking out less than average Joe.

After the Gannon fight Kimbo had several opportunities to go legit for a bunch of money and they turned it down...Kimbo makes good money doing what he does. The video rights for his underground fights make him and his crew a killing.

Ice puts the video's on a site with all his porn companies. He also has ads for other porn companies on the site. Ads are expensive.

There are random idiots who make a ton of money with little nothing porn sites...Ice has built a huge porn empire..you were saying that everyone has seen Kimbo fight...more people have seen Ice's porn than have seen Kimbo fight...and putting the fights on the site attract more people to buy porn...previous insults aside, you seem like a bright guy, and I'm sure I'm not telling you anything you don't know.

With internet fights being very popular right know, and Kimbo being the most famous street fighter on the internet, we all know he's paid, and paid well, for beating up guys that aren't NEARLY on Paul's level.

The more I think about it, the more I realize that there are opportunities for Paul after a win, but I'm not sure Paul wants to be a random side show fighter. I don't see how beating Kimbo gets Paul closer to a World title, and he seems like the type that wants to be a legit MMA world champ.

I realize that people know who Kimbo is, but many of those people don't buy UFC or Pride PPV's. I showed a couple cousins the Gannon Kimbo fight and both guys recognized him as the guy from the porn vids and neither even knew he fought.

Now that they know he does, they watch his vids on the internet, but have no interest in the random white guy they watched beat his ass.

You misunderstood me...there are random idiots with shitty porn sites that make money, but I wasn't calling Ice a random idiot....completely the opposite. I realize that the sites that he's apart of are the biggest on the net, hence me saying "Ice has built a huge porn empire."

And I didn't say anything bad about his profession. Did you even read the post? The whole post was about how effectively he's cross marketing his two products...the whole post was a compliment to the way Ice does business.

As far as the Gannon/Kimbo fight, there was only confusion because Kimbo's crew didn't know enough about fighting to convey the message they wanted to in their rules....the rules read no fighting on the ground, and said nothing about standing subs...they also said no kicking with the foot or shin, but never mentioned knees...and Kimbo didn't shoot a double, he got dropped and fell into his legs.

Either way, the whole thing was a cluster fuck. It seems we agree on most points, except 1. We both agree that porn is popular, kimbo is popular on the internet because of fighting and his affiliation with a popular porn site and we seem to agree that Paul is going to take him apart if it happens.

The only point we seem to disagree on is what Paul would benefit from beating him. You say it helps him by leaps and bounds but I don't think it does, unless he plans to broadcast his fights on the internet or turn into a side show type fighter.

I could be wrong, as I've never talked to Paul for more than 5 minutes, but he seems like the type of guy that wants to work towards winning a world title and being the best in MMA. I don't see how this helps him.

A lot of people know about Kimbo. If Paul somehow does manage to beat Kimbo, it will make an instant legend out of Paul.

its all about that bread..its a damn sideshow but i hope paul puts him in his place

I don't think this fight makes any sense, other than shutting people up about how great Kimbo is. I didn't think Gannon made sense, either. I'd rather not encourage dickheads to fight in boat yards and warehouses. If that becomes an accepted path into legitimate MMA competition, the sport will suffer greatly.

"I'd rather not encourage dickheads to fight in boat yards and warehouses. If that becomes an accepted path into legitimate MMA competition, the sport will suffer greatly. "