Paul is a great fighter and had one bad showing in the UFC in 4 fights.Tell me anyone of you losers who are talking shit would do better?None of you have the balls to even fight let alone get into the UFC and fight.Paul's striking is great and he hits hard as hell and just because he doesn't have the best body people rag on him...show your six packs you loser and no not your beers.

"Dont fear Him"


he has better credentials than most of the freaks pride drags out

I like Buentello cuz he comes to throw down!

So does any know when or he fighting next?

I hope Paul Buentello is on a UFC card again very soon, he's at least a good gatekeeper.

Like to see him fight Cabbage

Funny looking body, but a true warrior IMO. Fun to watch. He'd beat Monson IMO.

Very tough, very exciting, and for those who find it important about what his body looks like, wrong sport....P.S. A new slogan is much needed.

"He is a c level fighter at best" Maybe if you go thru Z.

Putty, 13w-2L out of last 15 with 1 of those losses avenged from Hoffman.3 and 1 in the UFC with his only loss to Arlovski, and you say he is C level at best?

Exciting fighter with knockout power. I have enjoyed all his fights in the UFC except the Arlovski fight, would really like to see a rematch.

Though I will be flamed, I think he would be very competitive with Pride's 2nd tier fighters like Thompson, Alek would be a helluva fight.

I agree with Holyfield, Cabbage vs Buentello would be sweet! I like 'em both. If I lost some weight I'd look like them. They are an inspiration to us non chiselled types.

I really hope that Zuffa re-signs Buentello.
I don't think he will ever be champion. So what, he is underratted by many on this site but is a credible and exciting heavyweight fighter and the UFC is in dire need of those types.

His fight with Aldana was one of the favorites with the casual UFC fans at my home that night. I think Aldana should be given another chance, he is super tough and relatively new to the game.

I agree with Nobones' analysis, but the UFC needs an exciting 2nd tier just as much as they need top flight heavys. Pride has very healthy second tier.

Buentello vs Cabbage would be good. Or Tank, Sylvia, Mir or Monson.

I wanna see him back, I also wanna see Wes Sims and Cabbage back in the UFC, I know they have lost before but the UFC HW division is so thin that they need these guys back in there.

I don't think we ever see Paul fighting Cabbage there very good friends,and even train with each other for quiet a while.But if the $$$$ right you never know!As for the other guys i love to see Paul fight any of them in UFC,PRIDE,OR STIKEFORCE as long as we see him FIGHT!

Paul is a great fighter and stupid people will say he is no good from one loss in the UFC to Andrei from a great shot that would drop many people easy.Sylvia got dropped by Andrei two times but does he suck?No he is the HW champion because he made an adjustment in his game after he was smacked the first time and came back and won the title from him but he still sucks because he was dropped two times right?I mean you guys are stupid Paul is great and the HW division needs him because he has very technical stand up, not often HWs have that, and he is working his ground game but has the power to end the fight on the feet easy.


Who the fuck is O. Silva? Orenthal Silva?