Buffalo BJJ Intro Video (video)


Awesome! Nice work, Chuck!

Nicely done! Didn't expect the Judo, MMA, and Muay thai part!

nice job chuck...how do you like that lucky gi?

 Thanks for the kind replies guys. We decided tohave fun and get retarded with it instead of being all serial killer. I really like the Lucky Gi and wish they would offer them plain too cuz I think the quality of the gi is the best out there. Is that you Anthony?

Andreh, when are you coming back out? We have our own spot now and its awesome. I want you to see it and to train with you some more brother.

Nice! that was really cool the way you showcased your class structure. i wish more gyms/academies would do the same, i find the different approaches people take to group instruction the most beneficial.

Very cool video. I like how your class structure is laid out in the video as well. Keep up the good work.

hey chuck...yeah it's me anthony...

congrats on the school and what not...

Chuck! Hopefully soon, man! I would love to visit, I just have to convince my company to foot the bill! :)

Congratulations, man! Your students are lucky to have such a great instructor!

 Hey Anthony, how is everything going bro? Are you training with Negao and Hannette? How is the old gang? I miss all of you guys.

Andreh, let me know when you are coming out. I look forward to training with you some more and now that I don't have to rent mat time we can train as much as we want.

Thanks to everyone for the positive feedback.

your students are a joke

hey chuck...i've been training with jeff neal out in the burbs...i've been heavy into mma lately...and will have my 2nd fight two weeks from now...

i get to the downtown academy when i can...



 Awesome Anthony! Best wishes and success to you bro. Give my regards to Jeff.