Buffalo Sabres

congrats on their first ever Presidents Trophy. Whether you hate the cit yor not, gota appreciate the hockey team and how management built that team and stayed loyal to their coach. Gotta love D-Roy

allow me to offer my uncongratulations to them, and I look forward to watching the Leafs take them out in 5 or 6 and expose them for the frauds they are.

Congrats on the Sabres' first round victory over whatever undeserving team manages to drag their piece of shit broken down car over the finish line to finish 8th in the least.

Bettman should have ruled that only the top 4 in the least make the playoffs and the top 12 in the West - the quality of the playoffs would be much better and much more equitable.

I think we found our "grinch" of the West. Why so bitter?

Yep, impressive organization. Don't like the city, fans or coach...but in a way I can't explain I hope they win it all. That city needs a championship and the team truly seems a part of the community.

sabres have a great team. i'll be rooting for them all the way. on the otherside, for me it will be nashville.

uh-oh Connolly is back. Isles might be in for some big trouble, looking to oust his ex-team that mindlessly traded him for Peca.

ummmm no, we could do without seeing them win a thing. they are better off as the armpit city they are with nothing to hold their head high about.

A blast from the past for WC 17, golf season starts early in Toronto for two years running.


i would rather have buffalo than ottawa win.

sports and beer thats all we do

Let's go Buffalo!

Welcome to the D ROY SHOW!


Teddy Nolan will have a blast sending Buffalo packing early!