Why are they so bad? I just got done talking to a co worker and she kept telling me it's one of the grossiest things ever. I don't get it? People eat Mcdonalds and shit everyday and that stuff is probably lower quality. What about if it's catered? Can't beat the selection plus you can get as much as you want. How do you feel about buffets? Phone Post 3.0

It's the open to the public thing that grosses people out. People are gross Phone Post 3.0

It's whatever. Obviously it's not going to be high end..... that's why it's a buffet.

I go to a Chinese buffet maybe once every 6 months or so, and only during lunch time. Any other time and the food tastes like shit, but if you go when they're busy everything should be fresh Phone Post 3.0

I plan on going to the Chinese buffet by my house in like 20 mins. Bomb food and awesome owners. Everything is great, never a negative experience. I'll start with an egg roll, 2 cheese puffs and a bowl of hot 'n sour soup then on to a plate with fried rice, peikang pork, spicy chicken and Mongolian beef, maybe a egg fu yung on there and another egg roll, then chances are good they'll give me a to-go tray because I'm in there a couple times a week and I'll bring home some for dinner

And it'll be busy... So the more idiots that doubt the buffet greatness the better. Phone Post 3.0

Yea you gotta go early in the day otherwise the food has been sitting out longer Phone Post 3.0

I am currently at the Chinese buffet and holy shit is it glorious... Phone Post 3.0