Build a solar system, make it last 500 year (game)

If you've ever wondered just how skillful you might be at designing a solar system, here's your chance to try your hand at it. A new game lets you build a solar system — and then see it in action.

You can add up to 12 different kinds of objects into your DIY solar system, ranging from stacking a universe with multiple Earths to dropping in a dwarf star. Extra points are awarded for the inclusion of more massive objects in space, though they also up the potential to destabilize the whole thing into an interstellar crash.

The goal, says Meschiari, is to build a solar system with the stability to last for at least 500 years.


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LOL I can't get past 27 years after I add in a few dwarf stars.

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so far 200 years 800,000 points

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Playing God? Makes me sick!
Those who know..... Know.

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My high score is 5,466,506 after 367.6 days

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