Build the perfect GSP foil....

So now we knew absolutely that GSP is the best at 170 (like we didn't know that before) but if you could build a fighter to beat him out of 170'ers what 3 guys together would make the perfect foil?

Example -

Josh - Wrestling

Daley - Hands/Power

BJ - Overall/BJJ/transitioning

Hook it up, UG.

Ground- Tank Abbot
Striking- Bill Nye the Science Guy
Wrestling- Kobe Bryant


Josh - Wrestling
Alves - Striking
BJ - Chin

I'd like to see how GSP handles himself against a really high level BJJ guy ala Demian Maia. Who has he fought with a BJJ game of that level besides Penn?

Wrestling - Hughes

BJJ - BJ Penn

Striking - Daley

Koscheck - Athleticism, Gas Tank, wrestling.
Fitch - Gritty mental toughness.
BJ Penn - BJJ and Striking.

Anderson Silva dropping weight.

nuck diaz

Wrestling - Askren

BJJ - Shields

Striking - Daley

Chin - Fitch 

wufwugy - nuck diaz

I think you mean Duck Niaz.

 Trash Talk- Hardy

Brashness- Koscheck

Gas Tank/willingness to fight to the death- BJ

Chael Sonnen

I'll be right back.

I still think GSP outwrestles Kos if he put it all behind that, outstrikes Daley (look what he did to Alves) and domintaes BJ on the ground.

In short there is no combination I see at 170 to beat him right now.

 A 170lb Chuck Liddell

GSP clone with the power of Daley?