Build your perfect omelette here

Three eggs

Diced Ham

Diced Portuguese sausage (non-homo variety)

Bell Pepper


Cheddar cheese

Cooked slightly runny in the middle, doused all over with tabasco sauce

Philly cheese steak omelette! Phone Post 3.0

Yours sounds good to Phone Post 3.0

2 eggs
Green Peppers
Little sharp cheddar Phone Post 3.0

Eggs and that hairy log of shit that's been on the front page of the OG for days. 

3 eggs, lobster meat, crab meat, bay shrimp, mozzarella cheese, topped with hollandaise sauce. Phone Post 3.0

2 eggs

1 lb of bacon diced up

1 lb of thick cut bacon on the side

Anything but asparagus. That shit takes over the whole omelet. Phone Post

3 eggs

Thinly sliced beef sausage

Turkey bacon

Mozzarella cheese


Cooked until its no longer runny Phone Post 3.0

Bacon, diced tomatoes, and a fuck ton of cheese.

3 eggs
Red Bell pepper
Green onions
Peppered bacon
Cheddar Phone Post 3.0

One egg mixed with Nando's garlic sauce, with liberal amounts of feta and cooked onion Phone Post 3.0

2 eggs, goat cheese, wilted spinach, green onion and tobasco. 

avocado, goat cheese, jalepenos, pulled pork, with green chili and hot sauce on top. double order of bacon and duck cnfit w/sweet potato hash.

at LEAST 4 eggs, the rest is details

The great thing about omelettes is you can put pretty much anything in them and they're good.

It's chorizo or go fuck your mutha

Eggs, chorizo and good pepper jack cheese. Maybe some bacon for added texture.

Just ate 3 eggs with truffle salt, aged white cheddar and medium cheddar, fresh sauteed chanterelles, pepper.