Build your ultimate fighter

Okay just a quick experiment while im on the loo at work, i just want to see what peoples ultimate fighter would be so i will lay out the traits and you choose what you want from each fighter to be in your ultimate fighter and you can only use a fighter once, heres mine

TD - Jon Jones
Clinch - Wanderlei Silva
Arm Striking (punches/elbows) - Chuck Liddell
Leg Striking (kicks/knees) - Anthony Pettis
Chin - Roy Nelson
Heart - Frankie Edgar
Movement - Anderson Silva Phone Post 3.0

Anderson Silva with GSP's takedowns as well as his TDD

He would fight like Anderson on the feet and Maia on the ground. More importantly he would talk like Chael to sell the fight. Phone Post 3.0

TD - Hendricks
Clinch - Overeem
Arm Striking - Prime Vitor
Leg Striking - Anderson
Sambo - Khabib :)
Chin - Hendo
Heart - BJ
Movement - Anderson

spinning backfist - Chael Sonnen
trt exemption - Vitor Belfort
luck - Dominick Cruz
ibuprofen tablets - Tito Ortiz
motherly love - Cat Zingano
humbleness - Dana White

fuck I'm high

TD - Cormier
Clinch - Jones
Arm Striking - Anderson
Leg Striking - Pettis
Chin - BJ
Heart - Big Nog
Movement - Machida

Fedor with Mirko's legs Phone Post 3.0

TD - Jon Jones
TDD - Daniel Cormier
Clinch - Ronda Rousey
Arm Striking (punches/elbows) - Anderson Silva
Leg Striking (kicks/knees) - Jose Aldo
Chin - Mark Hunt
Heart - Frankie Edgar
Movement - Dominick Cruz Phone Post 3.0

TD - Jon Jones
TDD - Jon Jones
Clinch - Damian Mia
Arm Striking (punches/elbows) - Anderson Silva
Leg Striking (kicks/knees) - Jose Aldo
Chin - Mark Hunt
Heart - Fedor
Movement - Anderson Silva

Mark Coleman Phone Post 3.0

TD - Jussier De Silva
TDD - Gsp
Clinch - TJ Grant
Arm - Mike Tyson ideally but Anderson
Leg - Mike Zambidis ideally but Siver
Chin - Fabio
Heart - Frankie
Movement - Cruz Phone Post 3.0

/thread Phone Post 3.0

Sonnen with Silva striking

/thread Phone Post 3.0

UGCTT_SidRival -
/thread Phone Post 3.0
Shoguns gas tank????? Lol Phone Post 3.0

^Shogun had good cardio back when his knees were intact. Shogun-Little Nog might be the best fight to go to a decision in a heavier weight-class. Plus, that pic's several years old.

Aldos leg kicks Andersons stand up Maias submissions everything else Jones Phone Post

TD - Art Jimmerson
TDD - James Toney
Clinch - Gille Arsene
Arm Striking (punches/elbows) -
Leg Striking (kicks/knees) - Pudzianowski
Chin - Andrei Arlovski
Heart - Scott "Lionheart" Blevins
Movement - Zuluzinho
Cardio - Emanuel Yarbourough

TD-Jon Jones
TDD-Jon Jones
Clinch-Jon Jones
Arm Striking-Anderson Silva
Leg Striking-Anderson Silva
Chin-Anderson Silva
Heart-Jon Jones
Movement-Anderson Silva
Cardio-Jon Jones

Hall of Fame-Frank Shamrock