Building a Shop, Need to Kit it Out with Equipment


Wifey got me a mini fridge for the shop for Father’s Day. Actually getting something that I can use for Father’s Day is a win that I am not used too.

I was so excited, I fucked up a MagnaCut chef’s knife I was working on.


I have one in mine. It is mainly used for me to keep beer in it for my neighbor. I gave him the code to my door so he can go in and get beers whenever he wants. This way his wife doesn’t see how many beers he drinks. I keep it stocked. In return, he lets me dump all my yard waste (weeds, leaves, shit from tree pruning, etc) on his land where neither of us can see it.
Solid deal for both of us.


Fantastic deal.
Everybody wins!


I have a neighbor with a gigantic sink hole we throw our yard waste in to. Very convenient.

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Related note: I just picked up a Festool track saw, as tracks saws appear to be the schnizzle.

Looking forward to giving it a try.



I have the Makita. I’m envious of those who have festool but I can’t justify the added cost for what I’d use it for.


Decided to finish out the handle on the knife I screwed up for some practice and testing. The handle and bolster turned out good. My first time successfully doing disappearing pins in a bolster so that makes me feel better. I really like the feel of the knife and need to chop some stuff up.


Here are some stats for the blade for context. 11.75" OAL with a 7.5" blade. Weighed in at 5.7 oz. This thing is so light and nimble.


Just passed my framing inspection and got the 16’ overhead door installed.

Woot woot!!


Drywall for the walls just got unloaded. Along with strapping for the siding. Haven’t bothered with ordering ceiling insulation or drywall yet- will worry about that in the fall.

Walls will go on tomorrow. May or may not mud tomorrow- will see how much time I have.

Really coming together now!

Question re siding.
I’m gonna go board and batten vertical vinyl. I’ve heard conflicting things about horizontal strapping, some saying it defeats the sain screen effect, and is a big no no. Others say it’s no big deal. Thoughts?

I could always do diagonal strapping, just not sure if I need to go through the trouble

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I went with the same siding as my house so the two building match.


I guess I should explain better.

I have 2" rigid insulation on the outside

(which complicates a bunch of shit- another story)

And everything I’ve read suggests at 2", I need to provide strapping.

Horizontal strapping every 2’ to accommodate vertical board and batten means any water that gets behind the vinyl gets trapped by the strapping. That’s why some say not to.

Diagonal provides the ability for the water to run out, but is more of a pain in the ass to layout.


Everyone uses Hardy Board here.


I don’t know anything about vinyl siding.
Maybe you could install that yellow matrix stuff before strapping?

Smh, my son decided he wants to try soap stone carving this summer.
I wanted to have long chats about kinetic energy, tension, torsion and gravity.

catapult GIF


I used to think Hardy was great, I don’t think that way anymore. the trimboards deteriorate over time and fall apart. The claps hold up but the vertical joints b/t claps is horrible. The board ends will deteriorate like the trimboards if they aren’t caulked tight too (and maintained).

I’m a big fan of Boral or Truexterior.
I have only used the trimboards but the stuff is great. It does not move (expand/contract) at all. It does not absorb moisture. It paints like MDF and holds the paint extremely well. It cuts like gritty MDF and will beat up saw blades but not nearly as bad as Hardy. I think the stuff is the best out there. You need 2 people to install long boards so they don’t break but I managed to do some myself.

I can’t say much about the siding products but I know an architect that swears by it. If the material is the same as the trim boards, I’m sold. Hardy deteriorates and gets chalky, Azek/PVC moves way too much, Wood rots, dries out, warps etc…

there’s a company that is now specializing in making profiles too.


I ended up calling a couple vinyl companies and asking questions. Looks like I’m better off without strapping full stop.

2" foam is the max they recommend putting vinyl on top of. Most installs on foam aren’t warranteed since they can’t tell if ts fully fastened to studs of just the sheathing behind the foam (or just the foam itself).

Was also told in most cases adding strapping on vinyl voids a warranty as it isn’t a single flat plane for backing.

All in all, while frustrating, it looks like I’m gonna save time and money by forgoing the strapping.

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My main issue with Hardy is the pain in the ass installing by myself.

Thanks for link.

Potato guns are good father/son projects.