Building non-gaming PC, help.


this winter break, my plan is to build a PC. I plan on spending about 1200-1400 on it. I shall use it for the usual home/office stuff, some scientific apps, graphing and mathematica, in addition to watching movies/burning dvd's and playing the odd game or two.

I have speakers and XP and an extigy, and I want to get a 19' CRT.

I have a week to spare and I dont know if I want to build the computer which will be fun, or buy one if its too difficult.

Where should I buy my parts? I have a bestbuy/circuit city nearby, a few local computer shops... And what should I buy? I was tentatively thinking:

Whats the fastest computer I can get for 1200 then? I'd like separate dvd/cr drives among other things.

thanks in advance..


Too much money, imho

In all honesty, try looking at getting a Dell SC420 - P4 2.8 / 256 (533mhz) (add some) 80 GB Sata / nice case and quiet / pcie (with a quick clip)

For like 320 bucks + 150 for a decent PCI-E video card + the monitor. The sound card would work fine in it.

Save yourself the money.

Fin is correct. You can get a very good computer for your purposes for
much less.

SO what would you guys suggest?

I like playing games btw, just that the difference in game quality on my friends x800 etc doesnt seem worth it. So what kind of a comp should I be building?

I'd like an Athlon 64, I have a firewire 160GB external HD so maybe a 120GB or 80GB would be enough, a nice videocard, maybe a 9800 or some pci E? Two drives, the monitor etc.

I want to build it...where should I buy parts? Can someone quickly come up with a base system please? I'll price it myself...


See, its senior year and I get done w finals this want to spend a few days building a comp... :-)


I would agree with skipping Best Buy, Circuit City and CompUSA, but if you have a Fry's Electronics by your house, check it out. That's the best store ever.

the local computer store that i used a couple times raped me on a hard drive.