Building pecs without benches?

Is there anyway to add mass to pecs without benchpresses? I ask as, although I have weights etc, I do not have a bench that has stands for the barbell, nor a partner to help with lifting and replacing the barbell. I do have a small bench that I could do lying flyes with barbells on. Are these as affective? I am also trying to build the top of pec more.

Thanks in advance.


A few things you might try:

Dumbell Bench Press - No uprights or spotters necessary.

Dip - Use the backs of two sturdy chairs; a washer & dryer; or, anything else that's level and stable. Use a dip-belt if necessary.

Weighted Push-Up - Use a weighted vest or backpack loaded with something heavy, and raise the position of your feet by using the bottom few steps of a set of stairs; or, use a chair, bench, etc.

Also, the standing military press will work your pecs to a degree.

thanks for the help guys.

I've been doing the standing military press for a while now, but I haven't noticed too much in my pecs, even though I have been gaining a lot on it. BTW (this is a bit off topic I know) but I used to do 13-15 reps with the military and behind neck presses and gained next to nothing. Recently I upped the weight so I would exhaust at 8-10 reps, and that's where I have gotten my gains from.

I've also started dips, so I'll have to wait and see if I get anything from it. Sure is helping my triceps though... they don't resemble jelly anymore ;o)

Press ups - I hate them and I never gained much from them. I may try them with weights though.

Chins - don't have anywhere for a bar just now :o(

I'll definately give the dumbell presses a try though... here's hoping...

Heavy back pack + push ups. Try with feet up on chair too for variation.

"that could hurt your back"

only if your push up form starts to suck. Keep the core muscles tense and use correct weight and you won't have a problem.

I love weighted pushups. I think its a better exercise overall than the bench press.

The dips should do it for you. I didn't have a bench until recently and I'd rank dips as my #1 exercize for the pecs.

I've fooled around with weighted pushups but haven't found a good way to add enough weight to make them as hard as I want them. The weight always seems to slide around or get painful before the exercize stops me.

With dips I can tie a rope around my waist or just fold my knee around the handle of a dumbell.

You can probably find somewhere to do chins, too, if you get creative. Any trees outside?

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I've gotten 70 lbs into a backpack before (the backpack was small and only fit this much) without any discomfort or bad form.

Weighted pushups def rock. If you purchase a vest, it would make it even easier.


Thanks again guys.

BTW - a bit off the topic (again) - but how often can semi-serious trainer work-out? I am only doing about 2 sets of each exercise just now (I've only just gotten back into heavy training.) Is training the same body part every second day reasonable once my body is used to heavy training? I do eat LOADS of protein, and I am sure that makes a huge difference.

dips totally rule these guys are correct. Also pushups at a decline (with your feet up on a chair or something).

Lifting heavy every other day is ok if you body is adapted to it, but it takes time. Make sure you get plenty of sleep in addition to having good nutrition. Make sure to have at least 1 full day off a week for recovery, I like having two. Just listen to your body it will tell you when you have reached your limits, then rest.

Thanks again.