Building shoulders/deltoids

I currently do press ups (minimally), and a lot of military presses (both in front of and behind the neck), upright rowing and lateral raises.

Simply, is there anything else I can do to add bulk to the shoulders? I seem to gain the most from the military presses and upright rowing, and next to nothing from the lateral raises (I've heard that some people just can't gain from this exercise).

Thanks in advance.


Seated DB Cleans are cool.. I think I've seen them called a Cuban Press as well.

Sit down and hold the bells at your side. First pull your scapula up and back, and keep on pulling while externally rotating..

Thanks, I'll give them a try.

BTW what's a good weight for 12 reps of military press? I can currently press 60lbs for 12 and I weigh about 160lbs.

Push press, high pulls, dips

i've never seen anyone that can do handstand push ups lack size in their shoulders.