Bulging/ herniated disk

Has anyone had this problem and been able to return to Judo?

I herniated L4 and L5 twice. I went to a GOOD sports chiropractor and was back on the mat in 3 months. Take time to heal do your rehab and you'll be fine.
I randori full out, do squats and deadlifts, no restrictions.

take care of it. rehab it, ice it, rest it.. time off = healthy living sometimes.


No advice but to wish you fast recovery.

Thanks for the advice and good wishes. It's encouraging to hear that people have made it back to Judo from this. Right now I can't even sit down -- it's hard to imagine stepping back on the mat. Patience, I guess.

Make sure you are doing the squats and deadlifts correctly!

Patience and rest is the answer. I have several bulging disks in my neck (I went to 2 neurologists, had MRI's, etc.) and was in a lot of pain. I ignored the warning signs and made it worse. NOW, I know that I have to rest when I have symptoms or I will suffer the consequences.

-David Jacobs

i ruptured 2 discs in my neck and was out for over a year more like 18 months..

i gained a lot of strength and weight which really really helped.. i did a lot of specific neck exercises but what helped me the most was squatting and deadlifting.. just start slow and put on weight it will help protect you from further injury.

when you return start slow and practice safe.. dont but your neck in a position where it will be under strain.. just tap if you are in a dangerous position on the ground..

good luck