Buliding a strong chin?

Commonsense would tell me the best way to have a good chin is not too get hit.But just in case that happens is there any books or videos out there on how to build a strong chin? Or is it just something you have naturally? Does it come with years of training?

I tend to keep my chin tuck at all times anyway and hands up. I want add alot of head movements and bobbing and weaving as well.Try to look fancier on feet.Alot guys that do this are gonna get caught once in a while.

Keep it tucked. Do neck muscle exercises. Also helps if you're born in disadvantaged socio economic circumstances, because those guys can take a shot.

Being poor makes your chin better?

A poor kid knocked on his ass is more likely to get up, because of pride, his rep, and having no other options.

A non-poor kid will say "What the fuck am I doing in this ring? I need to go to college."

True. He's also the only heavyweight champ, outside of Bonecrusher Smith, who ever graduated (unless you count WBO and Wlad).

Jaseprobst opinions like yours is why I didnot post on the underground.

Ok, a more literal answer.

Neck exercises with weights are good.

Keep your chin tucked.

Spar with headgear and heavy gloves, then increasingly lighter gloves to get used to being hit, buzzed, and recovering. You can get used to avoiding going into the "knocked out room" Ali talked about when you're buzzed.

Conditioning, tons of it. You can take a punch much better when you do roadwork and keep in shape.

I dunno if changing to lighter gloves and taking bigger shots is the best strategy to strengthen your chin.

Despite what many on the boxing forum say, I DO believe you can improve your chin. It is not an infinite growth curve, where anyone can get better. However in the course of sparring and training, you take shots and you get used to them.

Part of it involves relaxing and learning to roll with the punches. If neither your head nor your body give an inch when you get punched, you are gonna get rocked a lot more often.

Relaxation is also key. If your neck is supertense while sparring, it will be easier to jolt you with a punch. As you spar more regularly, you will learn to relax more. This will not only help you take punches, but it'll make your punches faster as well (since your body isn't struggling against tensed muscles to whip a punch out.)

Strength in the neck is important as well.

Conditioning makes a big difference too. I don't understand the physiological reason for this, but when you are tired, it is much easier to flip the light switch off. More stamina = more chin.

Lastly, there is some pure physical conditioning involved as well. I am talking about the pure "getting punched in the face tolerance" here. The more you can get punched in the face without getting knocked out, the more your chin can withstand. Many people have all kinds of "exercises" for this last catagory: Snorting salt water, washing your face with bull urine, chewing pine sap, ect.

IMO, this last catagory is the least important category to train, because it is the most dangerous and least scientific. If you wanna build your chin, relax, roll with the punches, and work on your conditioning. Leave the bull urine with the bulls.


Getting off the canvas is heart, not chin.

But I agree, being poor (and having no alternative) helps a fighter get up from a knockdown.

crap toddsenney. Will to win gets a fighter off the canvas

Heart = will to win

Chin = not getting knocked down by a hard shot

Larry Holmes once said of Cooney: "Cooney will never be Champ because he's never known what's like to be poor and hungry"

Washing your face in bull urine?

never heard that one.

People who wash their faces with Bull urine deserve to get KTFO.

Would you want to lay your hands on anyone who washed in urine? Guess it would help with not getting knocked out that way.