Bulking up without getting fat?

I was one of the entrants in the OG Bodyoff, and I lost 22lbs in about 3 months. I got down to 121lbs and freaked, now I've managed to get back up to 125-126lbs but I want to put on more mass. My goal is to be a leanish 135-136lbs. Right now I've got about 5%bf and I'd like to keep it under 8% if possible.

Here's the catch: I now have a metabolic disorder where if I consume too many calories, regardless of my physical activity, I go to fluff around the middle. I've been keeping my calories under 1850 despite some serious lifting, and I'm not gaining any weight (But I'm not fattening up either). I do try to keep my protein high at about 125g a day, not consuming any more than 35g at a time (or assuming that anything above that doesn't get used).

Anybody have any experience with building lean mass? Any supps you would recommend or different nutrition?

What disorder do you have? Getting belly fat from excessive calories happens to everyone. If you are unable to consume sufficient calories to grow, it won't happen, or will happen very slowly.

1-1.5g protein/lb of lean body mass, .4-.5g fat, the rest carbs/fat till you are about 500 cals over maintenance. So, in your case, sounds like 1850 + 500.

Whey protein is fine but only if you can't fit in real food. Try to hit your macro's (p,c,f's) with whole foods.

You're bound to put on a bit of chub but that's part of the game. All those extra calories, unfortunately, won't just go towards muscle growth. If you're lifting hard, you WILL gain muscle, but it'll be a long, slow process.

Gain until you're happy with your strength/muscle, then cut again. Repeat until you're huooooge.

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Unless you're 5' 5" I assume this is a troll?

Whats this "lean mass" you speak of

LOL banco, I'm 5'4". For realz.

vermonter, I have hypothyroidism. It makes me sleepy and fat at the slightest twitch.

Thanks LgFriess, That's pretty much what I've been slowly working my way up to. I've actually discovered that taking glutamine with a protein laden breakfast has increased my definition and muscle density considerably. As for the size, well... time will tell.