bulldog or greyhound??? you??

Had a great coach who once said " Some kids are born bulldogs and some are born greyhounds, and it don't make no sense trying to turn one into the other". Obviously a broad statement but logical. Me? I'm a tall greyhound all the way, 6' 4" 185-200 lbs normally. Been up to 227 but had to spend half the day in the shitter because I was eating sooo much. So I've battled the "skinny" tag, but what about the rest of ya? c'mon,fess up....

I spent most of my life up until I was 20 as a greyhound, 6' about 165-170. Started eating right and made changes to workout routine(went for heavier weight) and became a bulldog. Gained 20 pounds in 4 months, then took a couple years of yo-yoing and eating everything in sight before I finally maintain 195ish without losing 5 pounds because I only ate 1-2 times on Saturday instead of my normal 5-6.

I like the analogy though.

I like the analogy too, although i think most people would fall somewhere in the Labrador category of in between. If i had to pick one it would definately be greyhound.


Me = Bulldog.

At 5'8" I've been anywhere from 170-225 in my adult life. Pretty solid until I reach 210 pounds or more. Now I'm 175 but still stocky...not greyhound like at all.


Bulldog here. I am short and stocky. I am 5'6" and walking around at about 165-170.

I'm more of a pug

Bulldog. 5'10 205, short little legs and a barrel chest :)

I tried the greyhound thing but running hurts too much, so, I'd venture agreement with your coach there :)

Probably a bulldog. I'm 5'7 and about 175 pounds. Not exactly huge, but I'm still pretty stocky.

Use to be thin at 5"10 and about 170lbs.

4years later..

Now also at 5"10 and 170lbs but look much bigger and wider.  Legs big as ever but they were pretty big before.

So i go grey hound.  Only the last 8 months or so I been packing on upper weight.  Legs have pretty much stayed the same past 2 years.


Me? Chihuahua.

Just kidding, at 5'11" 180, I'd like to think Doberman.



5-7 and 190... Bulldog, I guess. My wife says I snore and fart like one anyway.

5'10" and 165lbs... I prefer to think of myself more as a game pitt than anything. :D

Incidently I was born year of the dog.


5'9" and between 180 and 210lbs with pretty wide shoulders. Bulldog for sure.

6'1ish, 217 as of yesterday.

Rhodesian Ridgeback.

6'3" barefooted, 196 lb. On my way back to 185, shredded like salad bar cheese.

Wiemeriener (aren't those the ones built like greyhounds, only not as athletic?)

Greyhound. Spent most of the training in my younger days to become a bulldog. It didn't make sense. Accepted being a greyhound, made great progress with strength and endurence

greyhound here....tall..slender...have a very difficult time putting on weight anywhere except my belly. 6'4" about 185-200lbs, been as much as 215

big fat front porch mutt.