Bullet Proof Characters

There's 2 types of characters as far as I'm concerned. Those that can take a bullet(unfazed) and those that can't.

I know Superman for sure. What about Thor? Anyone ever shot him in the face or eye?

Let's compile a list. Here's a few I'm pretty sure don't give a fuck about being shot:

Silver Surfer
Thing(I think)
Green Lantern(shield up)

Correct me if I'm wrong about any of these BTW. More later.

not 100% sure but here's some off the top of my head

Power Man aka Luke Cage

EDIT: Captain America, Magneto or Polaris count? or you meant take one on their body without powers?

Considering bullets bounce off Namor like nothing, I guess we can assume that anyone in his approximate power department can handle it. 


Hyperion, Shazam/Capt Marvel, Gladiator, Black Adam, Bizarro?, Mon-El, Ultra Boy (albeit one power at a time, so he would have to keep his invulnerbility on)

matt murdock -

That was when he had the Odin-force. Not sure if its different when he is regular Thor. Btw I think he should be completely invulnerable to almost anything. I do recall an old comic where thor gets shot by a rifle Phone Post

Thanos, Champion, really any of the cosmic types, any herald of Galactus.

Ms Marvel, Thundra, Vision, Redstone, Diamond Lil, Box

Mongul, Darkseid, Orion, Doomsday, Zod (all Kryptonians I suppose), Imperiex, Metallo, Solomon Grundy (some incarnations)

There really are a lot of bullet proof types out there.

Nice ones fellas.

Robert Kirkman's Brit

from wiki:

Powers and abilities

Brit's main superhuman ability is that of invulnerability. His body is totally impervious to any and every kind of physical injury and the limits of his invulnerability are unknown. Unlike many superheroes depicted with invulnerability, Brit does not show any degree of superhuman strength; he is only as strong as a regular human male relative to his physique.[4] Brit's powers are the result of a serum developed by his father some time before World War one and in addition to invulnerability, the serum also retarded his aging process.


In all the OHOTMUs, Thor could be hurt by a .38. Or maybe a .38 was the most powerful thing that wouldn't hurt him, I forget.

Don't think any writer ever paid attention to that though.

No one has mentioned the Hulk?

Come on GeekGround!

A couple years ago I was having a debate with some friends about Thor being bullet proof. We all eventually agreed that Thor not being bulletproof was pretty ridiculous. We also decided that people supporting him not being bullet proof were now to be called "fuckin busieks!"

The reason is that Kurt Busiek went through 400 some odd issues of Thor to find out if he was really bulletproof. He concluded that because Thor avoids the bullets by blocking them, that he was indeed harmed by them.

In one issue of the vol 2 Black Panther run, Thor is shot by a sniper and gets knocked out by the impact. I mean, seriously? The guy has been in nuke explosions.

I hate that shit. Lol

Same goes for wonder woman. Although, unlike Thor, it's pretty much established canon that she is harmed by projectiles. She can take a infinite mass punch by a fuckin .22 caliber bullet harms her? Dumb dumb dumb. Phone Post

Last Don - No one has mentioned the Hulk?

Come on GeekGround!

Never fret, good sir.

Respected forum member stickgrappler has indeed mentioned The Hulk. Phone Post

MarkRobinson -  A couple years ago I was having a debate with some friends about Thor being bullet proof. We all eventually agreed that Thor not being bulletproof was pretty ridiculous. We also decided that people supporting him not being bullet proof were now to be called "fuckin busieks!"


New catch phrase?


I would think Thor is maybe vulnerable to heavy arms fire, like 50 cal or something. Not that it would kill him, but it would hurt.

Yeah the Wonder Woman think never made sense, unless they were going for she is durable to blunt impacts but vulnerable to cutting type attacks like bladed weapons and bullets?

lol at 'fuckin busieks"


Thx Mark for the help!

speaking of Hulk, She-Hulk? Hulking?

speaking of Wonder Woman, Simon Williams aka Wonder Man?


Vision is on here, therefore Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat should be on here too.


for some reason, i cannot open the powers part of the marvel wiki on she-hulk


on comicsvine - http://www.comicvine.com/she-hulk/29-1449/

She-Hulk is Class 100 - she can lift 100 tons easily (I didn't know that!) - no mention of her being able to take bullets, but "She is impervious to most forms of physical attack and possesses a considerable healing factor." which makes me think bullets will do no damage to her.

Wonder Man/Simon Williams

same thing, can't access marvel wiki - powers section - stupid work firewalls

durability of 6 out of 7


comics vine site has this (http://www.comicvine.com/wonder-man/29-1465/)


Wonder Man's strength level is in excess of the 100 ton range, meaning he can lift (press) over 100 tons above his head, and has been compared to that of Thor.


Wonder Man's skin and tissue has been rated a 9 on the Mohs scale of Hardness (normal human tissue equals a 1 and diamond equals 10).


Since Simon gained his ionic form he has almost unlimited amounts of stamina and no longer needs food, water, or air to survive. Wonder Man also doesn't age .

Luke Cage http://www.comicvine.com/luke-cage/29-1450/

Luke has nigh impenetrable skin, which can protect him from high caliber bullets, knife wounds, and powerful explosions. His durability is great enough for him to withstand blows from opponents possessing great superhuman strength. However, Luke's durability does not extend beyond his skin layer, as his internal body parts are not nearly as well protected. Thus, as he may be all but invulnerable externally, his interior parts can still be damaged if he is attacked with enough force. In addition to his heightened durability, Cage also has greatly accelerated healing which affords him the ability to recover from injuries and damage much faster.



Maybe another question to ask is which characters have a healing factor? Didn't realize Cage had one.