Bullet Proof Coffee

Has anyone tried Bullet proof coffee or a variation? What was your experience? Phone Post 3.0

I smothered myself in it and later that dayI got shot in the line of duty. My lawsuit is still pending Phone Post 3.0


I tried a variation of it. Tastes okay. Comes in around 475 cals, I 'feel' like it does the job but I dunno. Phone Post 3.0

There's a ginormous thread on this floating around the OG somewhere.

Is it midichlorian-free?

Never tried it. But I think on an empty stomach I'd shit it out instantly. Phone Post 3.0

I use a variation of it everyday as meal #2, coffee, coconut oil, protein powder...little bit of real maple syrup every once in a while. I will use butter when it is my first meal(mostly weekends)

I bought the exact ingredients (the coffee brand, mct oil, non salted grass fed butter)

Didn't taste all that bad at the time, felt sick for about 3 hours after. Never tried again. Maybe start with less butter..., Phone Post 3.0

In for stories of you fools spraying out of your asses for days on end!

bro science.

Just eat breakfast you fucking hippie.

SnapLocally - In for stories of you fools spraying out of your asses for days on end!

I titrated up a little too fast with the butter and coconut oil and got the mad oil shits for an entire day.

I enjoy it for a quick easy keto breakfast.

I make a big batch of cold brew concentrate in the morning and then each morning before hopping in the shower i throw the cold brew, water, grassfed butter, and mct oil into my vitamix blender and let it run for like 10 minutes when i shower.

By the time i get done showering its hot, frothy and delicious. Throw that bitch in a thermos and out the door.

Typical breakfast is 4 scrambled eggs with coffee. I drink my coffee black but blended with coconut oil. I use grassfed butter in my frying pan so I get some of that with the eggs.

The coconut oil or mct oil is what can upset your stomach moreso than the butter. Increase your coconut oil amount slowly.

On days I don't eat the eggs I will usually add the butter to my coffee, so that makes black coffee blended with grassfed butter and coconut oil.

Remember a major point of having breakfasts like these is not to trigger an insulin reaction in your body first thing in the morning. So don't use sweetener, or eat toast with your eggs (then you store the fat on your body vs burning it directly). If you must use sweetener use stevia because it is natural unlike some other artificial cancer sweetners and doesn't cause an insulin reaction (unlike sugar ect.). Phone Post 3.0

I remember Rogan having the guy who sells it on his podcast before he started endorsing it.  i remember the guy claiming you could eat 4000 calories per day without exercising and not gain weight if you drank his coffee.  I kept waiting Rogan to call him out on that bullshit but when he didn't, I immediately shut off the podcast.  I knew all I needed to know after the guy made that statement.


Rogan was for it, before he was against it........



He is still for the Bulletproof coffee, which isn't a brand. Asprey's Upgraded coffee is what he changed on.