Bullets return to top form

Second in the East. Impressive wins against Cleveland and Philly. I will go so far as to say that the playoffs are a lock. FYI-- we have (had) the highest scoring threesome in the league. Arenas should go to the allstar game. I credit good coaching and management.

Let the hate begin.


Yeah they are a lock, but the 3 divisons really scews them big time.  Since the Heat are going to win that division, the best the Wiz can get is the #4 seed even though they may have the 2nd best record in the east.  Problem with that is it means they will have to face the Heat in round 2.  They are much better off falling to the 6th place so they can play whatever sorry team comes out of the Atlantic division and avoid the Heat until the East Finals if they both make it there.

I think Hughes, Arenas, and Jamison have played equally well this season.