Bulli$h-ing with Tom

this is a video that Aaron Tru was gracious enough to shoot with me in Vegas a few weeks back! 

 Holy. Shit.



 By the way, how is Seth doing?

 thanks for posting!!!

Filthiest interview ever!


 like this is literally the filthiest interview probably ever.......................

Seth is fine, already back to training and ready to go again! We are trying to get on the same card...........it makes training easier.

LMAO Tom you are the man! best of luck in your next fight. You know its rare to find a fighter that actually lives up to their nickname haha.


 great thread title.

 the thread title was Aaron's idea, I'm not that clever

Tom that shit was discusting. But good interview
Always a fan

 the funniest interview EVER!!!

 i dont know about even being funny, i wasn't bringing my "a"game....

That was great! I think I saw a dead mouse float by in that tube.

 hopefully it wasn't Demetrious Johnson....i dont remember eating him and he is a great fighter, but stranger things have happened

jesus how much stuff gets stuck in a person's colon? did you go in there with a loaded dump or was that all in there for a while?

 i dont know,but really i would recommend them to anyone

Tom Lawlor is my favorite fighter. Period.

mr. lawlor may i send you my tuxedo thong for you to autogrpah?