Bullied Boy gets Puppy


love it

That is really sweet. And I’m sure he will love that dog and it will love him. I’m sure it will temporarily make him feel better.

But that is not a solution to his problem. Get him the dog is great. But getting him boxing, jiu jitsu, Kickboxing or wrestling trying will help actually fix the problem.



Teach him a double leg and some headbutts.

Get him on 20 rep squats.

Lots of push ups

More push ups.


This is lovely. It’s nice to see a kid happy.

But, why the fuck do these parents put photographs and videos of their children in their most vulnerable moments online for the world to see for all eternity? Even if these videos “raise awareness” or something… At what cost?

It reminds me of the parents that post videos of themselves disciplining their kids by destroying video games or something.

Everyone has to “produce content” for strangers’ likes.

Narcissism everywhere.

Get off my lawn.

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It got dusty in my office watching that.

Some of you are a bit harsh. Yeah, it doesn’t solve the problem of him being bullied.

But it cheered the poor kid up and that’s the point. Pet therapy.

Pets are great for helping kids cope with bullying.

When I come home from a shitty day at work, my dogs running up to me happy and excited I’m home cheers me up.

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Fuck you, You’re crying!


Dusty AF

Youtube parents can kiss my ass. Learn to speak english you limey cunts.

Phatcat tried, his kid got ragdolled for 30 minutes. Puppy was option 2.