Bulls Had A GREAT YEAR!!!!

In the beginning it didn't look to good for them, but since the Headband incident its been very impressive. Ben Gordon has played great and Deng has improved so much. That's why its going to be so so so hard to see them exit in the 1st round via sweep.

Congrats to them. Pretty good team they have.

Hinrich, Deng, Duhon, Thomas etc...

Bulls can go to hell.

All they had to do was win their last game and the Spurs would have had their 2nd round pick.

I hope Miami will show them what's what.

plus the Bulls have the knicks pick,piss on Spurs,their gone in the second round,and we're

drafting a future Hall of famer with that second pick,well maybe :)

Detroit can't win shit,Big Ben said so!

BUlls Rule!

Good win over the Heat.

Nice night for Deng!

Wow. The bulls won!! Maybe I was wrong and they'll get to the second
round. Oh wait...didn't they win the first game last year too????