Bulls UFA Zach LaVine to The LAKERS in 3-team Trade?


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Knicks would do this without the draft picks for the chance to get off those 2 HORRIBLE Randle/Fournier contracts

I don’t follow too closely so why is this good for the bulls?

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Zach is a UFA and could just walk.

This way the Bulls get something.

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Ok so a sign and trade?

Are those two guys that bad?

Their contracts are.

They are okay players making all-star money.

It’s not

Lakers gain.

Knicks gain (bigtime!)

Bulls - It’s this or nothing, they are the ones over the proverbial barrel.

I use to mess with with the trade machine and look at trade scenarios before I stopped watching the NBA due to Communism.

Zach recently signed w Lebron’s Agency, KLUTCH.


Lavine got Klutch for a reason. Either 2 force his way to a certain team (not Portland imo) or 2 get max frm Bulls. Other than security of 5yr deal (no1 shud blame him for that) - why stay in Chi? I think it cud be 2 force his way to LA. If he wants it bad - Klutch is the way.

Tampering King, lol

alright. Zach is a confirmed Laker now.

That tweet is from august when he signed with an agency.

Team LeBron - Zach LaVine on LeBron James: "He is my dream teammate. I  would love to go out there and play with LeBron James. I'd love to play  with a point

Seems like Bulls would’ve have been better letting him walk and spending that money on free agents…but again I’m not at all informed about the intricacies of the situation.

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When Knicks are involved I assume they are getting fucked


LeBron is such a fucking bitch, gets to cherry pick his teammates every year and that flopping ass pussy can’t even make the playoffs.

Maybe covid will come out with a Cuck variant and he can get his hands on another Mickey Mouse title.

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