bullying people with a big stack?

how do you do it I just started playing sit and gos and I keep getting screwed I tried to but alot when I got mmore chips but I keep lose and they guy ands up winniig fuck I need a good strategy thanks alot bob

Fullpint is right, a good liar doesnt lie all the time.

When to bully with a big stack:

  1. when your oppenent and yourself both have avg. hands, raise to an amount that makes it uncomfortable for your oppenent to call but make it a tough decision right on the cusp of him/her deciding.

  2. raise when you have premium/semi premium hands

  3. raise them all in when you feel your oppenent has a better hand yet no pair or low pair after flop etc.

the idea is to raise as frequently as you possibly can, it puts alot of pressure on your oppenent and he/she will usually crack and not play theyre game

cool thanks guys Im think Im gonna fuck some guys now hehehe

you might want to wear a condom bobs

well guys it worked last nite I did it I trapped some guys and totaly fucked them it worked awsome thanks guys

"I trapped some guys and totaly fucked them"

that doesn't paint a pretty picture bobs.