Bump on my sack

A few years ago I had bump on my nut sack.  Had it removed after it didn’t go away for a few months.  It turned out to be nothing.  A few weeks ago, I found another lump so I got a Dr. appointment when I realized it wasn’t an ingrown hair or something like that. They removed it again and sent it to a lab for testing. This time, the nurse said it was squamous cell carcinoma. It’s a skin cancer that is usually easily treatable by removing, scraping the area and cauterize it and it’s all done. However, if left untreated, it can get into your lymph nodes and become serious. Since then, I have called and talked to the Dr. directly and he said he thought the lab misread it and I should be in the clear. His trusted associate agrees but they will send for retesting to make sure and give me peace of mind.  The Dr. feels that the cells look a little funny but from trauma or irritation and I DID try to squeeze the fuck out of the bump before I went to the Dr. I wanted to try to pop it in case it was just an ingrown hair or something. So, I had traumatized the area.

I guess the lesson is that if you have a new bump or mole or something, don’t hesitate to get it checked out.  The only reason I had this checked so quickly because the removal of the other bump was so easy. I just thought I would go get it taken care of asap. Had this been the first bump, I would have let it go for months and it could have been a major mistake if it is the carcinoma.

I’m confident that I’m in the clear but it’s a pretty serious gut-check when someone tells you that you have any type of cancer. It’s also a big relief when you find out they were wrong.

If you have something new and weird, get it checked, don’t wait, don’t fuck around.

Pics of scar

But glad your plum colored tea bag is ok