bump on roof of mouth after eating

posted this on the medical forum also, but I don't think anybody ever replies there...any people here might be able to help?

For the last month. whenever I eat something like a met rx mrp, or something spicy I almost immediatly get a clear bump with a white head on the roof of my mouth near the back and on the right side. It goes away for a while, then I'll eat something and it flares back up. I am going to the doctor tomorrow. I use to chew and was worried it might be cancer, but the doctor said it most likey wasnt do to it's location and it's not always exactly in the same place. it's always on the roof and near the rear, but it's usually not in the same spot.
what could it be?

I've had a bad cold for the last three weeks? could it be related to that?

I dunno, but... the "white head" is almost certainly pus, which would mean you have an infection (like a cyst, or a pimple). If that's the case, it's nothing serious -- like cancer -- just something that's a pain. But why does it come in when you eat spicy food? No idea.

Anyway, of course I could be dead wrong, and so I'm happy you're going to a doctor!

I hope that's solved for you and heals up real fast!

thing is, it doesnt hurt, it just feels odd, like when you get a pop corn shell stuck on the roof of your mouth. it will go away for a few days..maybe even a week then it pops back up for about a day. somebody said I could be developing a food allergy.

if it's "every time I eat x food, I have y symptom" then.... it's not too much of a stretch to guess an allergy. At least an intolerance (not the same thing in terms of how they involve the immune system, from what I understand).

Let us know what the doc says!

And I don't know why I'm ending all posts in exclamation points!

Sherm its most likely a saliva gland that is inflamed. It might even be called a ranuale. I have a few of these. I even had a gland biopsied. The surgeon told me it was nothing but I was animate to have it biopsied because it grew so large on the floor of my mouth. It was the most severe pain post op that I have ever experienced except for when I hurt my back.

but saliva gland on the roof of your mouth?

And glad you got throught that post-op, zealot. Pain is no fun. Well, sometimes. But usually no fun.

yes there are hundreds of glands in your mouth in cluding the roof. I read alot about this subject because I was scared shitless. It very well could be an allergy and the gland produces high amount of saliva. The ducts to the glands can also be blocked causing the bulging and it might not be puss just the pore of the gland. doesnt sound like much sherm, especially if it moves around.

hundreds of glands in the mouth.... who knew? Thanks

Kanker sore is all

Sherm, is it a hard bump, does it feel almost like there's a seed stuck in the roof of your mouth? I used to get those... But no longer. Guess it wasn't serious.

Although if there's pus involved, I'd be a little more skeptical.

it's like a canker sore

just an alternate spelling of "cancer"? ;-)

Glad to hear it's not too serious!

it's do to this cold I have. it's glandular, and eating something rough like a Met Rx bar, can aggrivate it.

Might just be a canker sore or some sort of mouth ulcer, then. That could explain why it's aggravated when you eat spicy foods... But then again, I'm not a doctor, so "grain of salt." :)