Bungie's "Destiny"

The information is starting to trickle out about "Destiny," the new venture between Bungie and Activision that they've been very tight-lipped about. Have any of you been following it/interested in it? Sounds like another company promising to revolutionize gaming, but with Bungie, I can actually see it being possible. I'll post a few links(if a blue could make em clickable) for more info on it


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwOUi4JDC4o (Bungie ViDoc about it...hopefully the first of many)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8zTEJwp6sg&feature (Adam Sessler's first thoughts on "Destiny" after being shown elements of it)

Super excited about this game. Preorder materials are already in production for what seems like an 2014 release. What's most interesting is that this will be multiplatform (most likely next gen) and will encompass multiple devices- phone/tablet.

This will be an MMO FPS where online always on is a necessity. Potentially can be bigger than the Halo franchise.


Tried to post vid and links above, but don't know how from an iPad. I'll try to do it from a computer later.

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Can't wait for this if there's one company that can pull this off its Bungie imo.

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Saw the ViDoc today. Looks really cool. I like the premise of the game.

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The problem is that since it's cross-gen, it will be hamstrung by having to run on current gen consoles.

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The footage shown of what was presumably the PS4 version of Destiny at the Sony conference was visually stunning, very Mass Effect-like in terms of aesthetic (a very good thing).

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I still need a gaming PC