Bungy Cords for Tackle Drills

Ive used these in the past and they work wonders. Anyone know where I can buy one online? Thanx.

U attach them to a pole or something stable. Put the harness around ur chest and do shots with the tension making to difficult to go forward.





I love them!

Thanx. Ordered it from there! Cant wait!

Watching Andre train them is just cool as hell. He's an amazing coach. (His technical skills are sick.) I've also been using them to practice judo throws.

BIC is correct. The abbands are great and the training video that comes with it is also very good.

Incidently the abbands are much much sturdier than some of the other bands out there.

You practice alot of stuff on it the key is to be innovative AND to have a specific objective in mind.


check out Andre's website and look at the video.

Andre has shown several things including shooting, fireman's, single leg, arm drag, shoulder throw