Burch KO Petkovitch description?

Anyone have a detailed rundown of how this fight went? I think Burch, despite losing a fight recently [he got kicked in the head by an extremely limber 280 lber..lol], could be a guy to move up very quickly ... provided he's brought along correctly.


Thanks .. if anyone responds [lol]

It was a ref stoppage in the third round. The fight was the same pretty much throughout the whole bout. Burch was winning the satnd up but looking like a brawler and Petkovitch was shooting but getting sprawled and pounded where the fight was ended. The only time he had Burch in trouble was with a kimura.

it was the first time i saw Burch fight. from
everything i heard about him, i was expecting more. he
got tired real fast. both guys were swinging but
didn't really have anything on their punches.

Thanks guys.... Sounds like Mark might need some more time to mature as a fighter before jumping up another level, eh?

Anyway, thanks again for the details .. they were exactly what I was looking for.