Burglars break into BTT

Searched and couldn't find a thread on it, so if it has already been reported I appoligize.

A couple of idiots break into Brazilian Top Team facility, to find fighters still inside.


SAN ANTONIO -- Two men were arrested overnight after police say they tried burglarize a martial arts center that was occupied by two fighters who were ready to rumble.

San Antonio police said two suspects approached the Brazilian Top Team, a martial arts center located at Loop 410 and Evers Road, just before 3 a.m. Tuesday.

Investigators said one one of the suspects tried to break through the metal back door with a hatchet. When that failed, he tried using weights to knock down the door, but that plan also failed.

The two fighters inside the martial arts center told police they yelled at the suspects to stop, but that they kept on trying to find a way inside.

"We went up to the front and we got two small weights to throw at them in case they tried to attack us or something," said Caleb Murphy, one of the fighters inside the center. "We called police and just played it safe."

One of the suspects made it in by sliding through the top of the garage door, police said, but quickly realized the place wasn't empty and ran out the front door.

Police, who had just pulled up outside, caught the suspect on his way out. Both suspects were arrested on burglary charges.

I thought this was BTT in brazil, imagine finding palhares in there ... Phone Post

Darwin awards. On up there with pulling a gun in Cabellas.

Uhhh, why would they throw small weights at them? That would have a ~1% chance of connecting and

preventing any real damage.

I'd imagine they'd have some better weapons laying around the gym? Use your brains next time, fellas!