Burke's Press conference

I dunno why some people hate the guy, he always sticks up for his team, has built a great team that's exciting to watch, doesn't make excuses, and tells it like it is.Yeah they came up short but so have/will others, only one team wins it all.Check out his opening statement especially.

cool thread. I love Burke.

Wtf i thought it was trendy to hate the guy?

He is a hypocritical DICK...

He's the first person to bitch and moan about the media and how much he hates them but is the first person to call a press conference to announce he's decided to wipe his ass from front to back rather than back to front...

I'd like to smack him right in the side of the head.


lol JHR he just uses the media smartly and to help take the heat off his team when he feels it's necessary.Many of the media are frequent golf buddies of his and his WIFE is a member of the media.They all know he's playing the game and don't take his media rantings seriously.

He calls a press conference after every season to address the media.