Burkman is a 3-1 underdog should i take this bet

Burkmam +255
Felder -310
Burkman is a really tough veteran that has beaten better guys then felder and im pretty sure he has vastly superior grappling. Phone Post 3.0

It's a lot closer fight than those odds, it's worth it IMO. Phone Post 3.0

Throw 100 on Burkeman Phone Post 3.0

I do think Felder wins more often than Burkman, but at +255 there is definitely profit to be made on him.

I got Burkman via guillotine round 2 Phone Post 3.0

What is a decent betting are? Phone Post 3.0

What is a decent betting site? Phone Post 3.0

This will be a close fight that could go either way. Phone Post 3.0

I am leaning towards Burkman

Strange odds. Burkman is tough to beat on a good night. Phone Post 3.0

Bet burkman straight and back it up with Felder by sub imo