Burkman vs Fitch

Thank god Josh is class and stopped because that fucking idiot Mazzagatti had NO CLUE what was going on. Much respect Josh Phone Post


Get that man a contract! Phone Post

Rebney and you look like geniuses right about now.

Very true. Lol at the announcer saying mazzagatti was "on top of it". Phone Post 3.0

Agreed, its all over twitter

WTF was he looking at

May be time to call Josh back up to the big league eh boss?

So DFW, is there a message on Burkmann's cell phone yet from Joe Silva?

Was a good finish. I hope you are not kicking a fighter when he down such as mr askren?

You better than that goof. Phone Post

Yeah that was smart of Josh to be lucid of that situation because who knows how long Steve would have let that choke happen.

That was absolutely insane, great win for Josh.

Hehe I love the mazzagatti bashing. Good stuff Phone Post

huh, what??? oh right...fight's over!!

Dana really is a true fight fan. Phone Post

Josh top 5 easy baldfather Phone Post

classic post






Burkman looked like a beast.

fuck yeah! he was out for a bit.

Mazzagatti's still waiting for the fight to end.

Burkman is definitely an honorable competitor and obviously has a strong understanding of Mazagattis gross incompetence. Tons of respect to him. Phone Post

I was going to make the same thread. Only a matter of time before there's a serious injury with mistakes like that. Seemed incredibly unprofessional/incompetent of Mazzagatti to not get on the ground and get in there to observe.