Burkman Vs Reiner????

As you all can tell by my screen name that I am a huge fan of Burk and he is a good friend. Does anyone know anything about Chad Reiner that I can't find out on the fighter search? Anyone seen him fight live?

I saw that he is either from Nebraska or fights out of Nebraska, but I was hoping that some of the midwest fans might know a little bit about him.

Thanks for any info.

Really good grappler. I have seen him fight a few times.

Not to shabby on the feet either.

How do you think the fight might play out? Josh has got good hands and his grappling is getting better and better with Team Punishment. I am sure that most of you are familiar with the way Josh fights and what his abilities are, do you think that one is much better than the other?

Just looking for genuine predictions and/or gameplans without the use of personal love or hate towards either one.

I would probably go with Burkman, but I really can't make a prediction becasue I have seen Reiner fight only like 2 times.

He did look good in both outings.

Cool, thanks. Its weird I get more worried when Josh fights a guy making his UFC debut then when he was gearing up to fight Jeremy Horn!

I guess its probably just because there is so much more to lose and I want to see Josh succeed in the UFC!

Thanks for the info!