Burlington, NC area

Out of school for the summer, and am now too far away from Fayetteville to practice. Anywhere to train in the Burlington, NC area????



Go here: ncjudo.org

There is a club in Burlington, NC. I don't know anyone there. There is also a club in Greensboro. I have competed against guys from there. They are always very good in tourneys and seem to be a real nice group of guys. Do you train with Josh? I fought him at states. Very tough guy.

Pete Pelter

The club in Burlington is run by Ernie Cates and Danny Glover (no, not the Lethal Weapon guy). Ernie Cates has a wealth of knowledge about this game and he's a great guy to talk to. Unfortunately a fairly recent stroke keeps him off the mat these days but he can still show/tell you quite a bit. It's a pretty recereational club but it's right in your area and it's run by great guys.

I lived in Durham, NC for 4 years while I was at Duke and I went to Cates's school every now and then. I was always treated very well.

Oh yeah, there is also a club at Duke. Don't know much about it though.