Burn Claremont, Burn!!!!


memo to Chris Claremont

While I appreciate you trying to bring back one of my favorite characters, I haven't forgotten what you did to her in the first place. So please understand that this comes straight from the heart of someone who's been reading x-men since the first Secret War.....

fuck off and retire already, you goddamn two bit hack!



i'm having his man-babies just to piss you two off.

Uncanny X-Men #456

"In this issue, the X-Men meet a powerful new enemy -- a race of reptilian mutants who've been biding their time in the Savage Land for centuries and are now ready to take the rest of the world by force! The X-Men will also meet up with some familiar faces fans will recall from past visits to the Savage Land."

Oh, like Claremont hasn't done this shit before?!?! Anyone remeber the Neo? How about the Khan?

Marvel has hundreds of characters full of potential, why don't you use one of them before creating another fucking bunch of mary sue's you overweight, arrogant hack!

Is it just me, or is ANY AND EVERY STORY that deals with the Savage Land been boring as fuck? (with the tiny exception of Colossus having a son, in the back pages of Classic X-Men and further referred to in an annual, once)