Burning games...Should I feel bad?

Ok, I don't need info on burning or anything.

I haven't ever felt right about piracy. I'm sitting at the computer looking through eBay auctions for the hours looking for a seller with the Dreamcast games I want, good price, etc. I just got so fucking tired of doing that and I really don't want to spend much money... I just eventually said fuck it and started some bittorrent and kazaa downloads and went to bed.

What are your feelings on piracy? Do you burn games often, never, only when an older game is really expensive, etc?

I used to buy pirated games in Chinatown, but they stopped selling them.
I just haven't gone to any of the trouble to get into it since then. I'd feel a little guilty and I don't have broadband at home, so it'd take forever.

The only games I download are the japanese games that never came out in the USA and I don't feel like paying $50-70 for an original thats all in japanese.

But lately I've been downloading alot of the hard to find dreamcast games from suprnova. Or the games that are overpriced in my local game stores.

$20 for Resident evil 3? No thanks

$25 for CART:Flag to Flag? Fuck no

I really can't blame anyone for doing it but I think it's a big reason they're dropping the hard drive on the next xbox. They just made it way too easy with this generation and I know a number of people who just won't buy a game if they can burn it for free or whatever it costs to rent.

Man, over the last 3 weeks, i've bought myself a second dreamcast, 2 controllers, 2 extra memory cards, 2 rumble packs and 15 dreamcast games... on top of the 17 i already had. You bet when i get my new computer with a cd burner that won't crap out on me i'm going to be doing a lot of guiltless downloadin/burning. I deserve it.

haha, yeah... I'm around 15 Dreamcast games with many accessories... and I'm going to get my brother a system.

I still really haven't decided if I'm going to burn games.

SlapUsilly, have you or do you play online with Dreamcast? Check out this site:


I've never stolen anything that I could pay for. I have things like the Doom3 alpha and other strange stuff, but I buy everything legit.

[sarcasm] If the person/company your stealing from has loads and loads of money then it is ok. [/sarcasm]

SpiderMoore and SPG,

The DC games I download aren't being made anymore and I'd rather spend money on new games coming out. I don't want to give EBGAMES $10-30 for a used DC game. Fuck EB.

I've bought 'em all.

I burn games and don't feel any remorse whatsoever.

If I actually REALLY LIKE the game and it has an online component I will buy it.

And besides, I have only downloaded probably 6 or 7 games total and paid for easily well over 100 of them for various platforms.

I buy games that I feel are worth the money.

I want to play everything though, so games I only play for a few hours I don't feel any remorse over copying them.

"I don't want to give EBGAMES $10-30 for a used DC game. Fuck EB." = lame justification for theft.

I never did burn a game. I had problems with the burner my brother gave me and eventually just said screw it.

All this Dreamcast talk makes me wanna kick myself in the ass! I traded in a Dreamcast and 34 games for an X-Box at EB last year, worst gaming decision I ever made.

i always buy games....don't have time to look around and download the ones I want....plus I don't really agree with piracy

A person could very legitimately burn a game out of a desire to have a backup copy. CD/DVD media is very fragile.

Yeah I'd like to be able to burn backups but I don't want to mod my PS2.

I can't really agree with burning games for current consoles. If it's something that's out of print, or for a console that's no longer being made then I don't think it's so bad. Fact of the matter is that most games are not profitable, and each unit sold does matter.

I feel no guilt burning Dreamcast games. Sega fucked us all by letting that awesome console die. I fucking loved the dreamcast.