Burning ISOs?

I just got started with Direct Connect and when I search for NBA Live 2005(for example), it shows it as file type: ISO...

Is this the whole game?

If so and I download it, how do I make it work?

Just burn it to CD?

How do I know if it's for PS2, XBOX, or whatever?

Any and all info is appreciated!



Nero will burn an .iso to disc

Or there is a powertool iso to let media player (windows) burn it automatically

Search for powertoy iso

What's the deal with Mod Chips?

I have a PS2... do I need a Mod Chip?

What about systems that don't take discs?

Like NES or SNES?

File type NES or SMC... ???

If it doesn't say XBox or PS2, then it's probably PC.

you would need a mod chip to play downloaded games on PS2 or XBOX. For systems without discs, typically downloads are intended for PC hosted emulators.

Be very careful with Nero. Nero has issues with corrupting some ISOs created with mkisofs. A good number of ISOs are created with mkisofs.

A co-worker took some of our product CDs, burned them with Nero, and then compared the CDs back to the ISOs.

He found about a dozen bytes on each in the middle of files that did not match.

DVD Decrypter works well also.